With the new version of Rufus you can install Windows

With the new version of Rufus, you can install Windows 11 22H2 without a Microsoft account

Last month, Microsoft changed the rules for installing the Windows 11 22H2 operating system for insiders. This now requires an internet connection and a Microsoft account. Enthusiasts managed to find some workarounds for Windows 11 deployment, but probably the simplest one is to use the Rufus application, the new version of which will bypass the mentioned limitations.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Rufus 3.19 Beta reportedly introduced a feature to bypass the requirement to use a Microsoft account during the Windows 11 22H2 installation process. Added this option to the main dialog used to set options when working with Rufus. Additionally, it was previously possible in Rufus to bypass Secure Boot and check if a Trusted Platform Module is present on the device.

Because installing Windows 11 22H2 requires a Microsoft account, you must temporarily disconnect your computer from the internet to bypass this requirement with Rufus. In this case, it becomes possible to install the Windows 11 22H2 software platform entirely with a local account. Alongside this, the developers have implemented a number of general fixes and improvements in the latest Rufus trial. When we can expect a stable version of the application to appear is still unknown.

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