With the first person perspective the space horror Dead Space has

With the first-person perspective, the space horror Dead Space has become even scarier – the mod is already available

portal Eurogamer I noticed that Electronic Arts’ space horror Dead Space (original, not a remake) has released its final first-person mod.

    Image Source: Steam (Ghost Eclipse)

Image Source: Steam (Ghost Eclipse)

According to Reverse Engineering Gamer (the creator of the mod), he created the basic version of the mode in five days, and it took several months to work out all the nuances: a first-person demo of the Dead Space modder arranged again in October 2022.

“While I started this out of curiosity to see what else I could do besides the free camera and flight mod for Dead Space (2008), the idea quickly evolved into a first person mod.”remembers reverse engineering gamers.

To change the camera angle, reverse engineering gamers used the Cheat Engine program. From the first person, the user does not see the health bar (it is displayed on the back) and the threat outside the hero’s field of view.

So the player has to keep an eye on his health and constantly look around to avoid the Necromorphs attack from behind. The mod definitely makes an already scary game even scarier.

    Image Source: Steam (Ghost Eclipse)

Screenshot of the mod (Image source: Reverse Engineering Gamer)

In the comments below the mod demo (see video above) Reverse Engineering Gamer reportedwho is working on a first person view for Dead Space 2 (it’s not ready for release yet), and after that he’ll take on Dead Space 3 and a remake of the first part.

First Person Mod for Dead Space is available for free download on the website Nexus Mods. The original game was released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2008, and the remake was released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S in January 2023.

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