With Tentacular youll feel like a giant good natured tentacled monster

With Tentacular, you’ll feel like a giant, good-natured, tentacled monster in VR

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer from German studio Firepunchd Games UG (Chicken Jump, Ridiculous Glitching) announced joint project – a VR puzzle game with advanced tentacle physics.

Image source: Devolver Digital

Image source: Devolver Digital

Tentacle events take place on the beautiful island of La Calma, where the main character of the game – a giant good-natured cephalopod – works “the strongest master of all tentacles in the world”.

Users must help humans explore a strange source of incredibly powerful energy by participating in it “A huge variety of dynamic events and building puzzle solving”.

The developers of Tentacular promise more than 50 dynamic levels, realistic tentacle physics and octopus suckers, an expanded creative sandbox mode, as well as the ability to create huge mechanisms and gadgets.

Tentacular is expected to be released this spring. The game runs on Quest family helmets and SteamVR enabled devices. On the project page steam System requirements are also listed.


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