With iOS 17 you can turn the iPhone into a

With iOS 17 you can turn the iPhone into a kind of smart display

Apple is planning to change the iPhone’s user interface – the smartphone should be able to display information such as scheduled events, weather and notifications in the style of home smart displays while it is locked. These are just some of the innovations of the not yet released iOS 17.

    Image source: Laurenz Heymann/unsplash.com

Image source: Laurenz Heymann/unsplash.com

The corresponding data appears on the screen when the desktop is locked and the smartphone is placed horizontally, it works similar to smart displays from Google and Amazon. The main idea is to make the iPhone more useful, for example when the device is on the owner’s desk or bedside table. This is just one of Apple’s moves to bring “live” information into the company’s solutions via software. The Apple Watch interface in particular will also change. The new lock screen look is one of the planned changes for iOS 17, which will be released later in 2023. The official premiere of the operating system is scheduled for June 5th at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

According to Bloomberg sources, Apple devices will display a dark background with light text to make it easier to read. The development is based on the concept already proposed in iOS 16, which allows users to see widgets with stock prices, news and temperature data under the watch face – on a vertically arranged screen. The company is also working on a new landscape interface for the iPad, but big changes are much slower in this case. For example, the new iOS 16-specific lock screen is still missing in the iPad version, and the home screen widgets introduced in iOS 14 only appeared on Apple tablets with the release of iPadOS 15.

    Image source: Victor Serban/unsplash.com

Image source: Victor Serban/unsplash.com

Apple is considering making cheap tablets that can stick to metal surfaces, but the project is progressing very slowly. It’s possible that such devices will become Apple’s “passport” to the smart home market – designed to control thermostats and lights, show videos, and video chat with FaceTime software.

It is also known that as part of the development of iOS 17, Apple plans to significantly change the wallet application and geolocation services. In addition, there will be a notes app and other features, including some updates that offer more options for health problems. In addition, the Health app will also appear on the iPad.

The company is working on an update to its SharePlay feature, which will allow users to FaceTime while collaborating on other apps. AirPlay will make it possible to stream content from Apple devices to TVs and speakers. Apple is also in talks with hotels and other establishments to facilitate the streaming of audio and video content to devices not owned by users.

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