With iOS 16 you can fight spam SMS more effectively

With iOS 16, you can fight spam SMS more effectively

Apple released the second beta of iOS 16 for developers this week and it will be available for users next month. One of the interesting innovations of the operating system is an improved function to combat spam SMS.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

iOS users are probably already used to clicking the “Report Junk Messages” button in the iMessage app when they receive spam, thereby sending information to Apple. Now Apple is improving this feature, and information about incoming spam is sent not only to the company, but also to the mobile operator. Apparently, the feature only works for subscribers using the services of operators working with Apple.

Users who mark SMS messages as spam send the sender number and the text of the message to Apple and their carrier (it is not yet known which carriers support this feature). In this case, the number of the sender of spam messages will not be blocked automatically, users will have to do it themselves.

The improved anti-spam feature in iOS 16 is expected to be in demand with an increase in the number of unwanted and fraudulent messages facilitated by, among other things, user data leakage as well as the availability of email automation software for attackers. According to the source, around 12 billion spam messages were sent in the US in May this year alone.


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