With ASRock mainboards the sticker on the memory slots turned

With ASRock mainboards, the sticker on the memory slots turned out to be the reason for the warranty exchange

The introduction of a new platform, which is Socket AM5 this season, is traditionally associated with some problems, but in the case of ASRock motherboards based on the AMD X670E logic set, the error turned out to be specific – users had difficulties finding the Sticker to peel off memory slot cover. For those who did not cope with the task on their own, the company is ready to change the motherboard for a new one without stickers.

    Image source: Reddit, PalmMallMars

Image source: Reddit, PalmMallMars

This kind of “local drama” developed on community pages Reddita general description of the story cites the resource tech spot. Early buyers of the ASRock X670E Steel Legend motherboards had trouble peeling off the sticker covering all four RAM slots. The motherboard manufacturer just wanted to warn that the first boot after a CMOS reset can take a long time – up to six and a half minutes when four 32GB memory modules are installed. Such a duration of the first boot is normal, which the sticker warns about.

In theory, such a warning should prevent dissatisfied users from filing a warranty claim due to slow system boot, but ASRock’s precautionary measure turned into another problem – the sticker stuck too tightly to the memory slots, not everyone could remove it, saving glue residues, that interfere with the installation of memory modules. Of course, removing the sticker after heating it with a hair dryer and using plastic cards as a spatula would have been easier at first, but someone had to fiddle with toothpicks and thinner.

As a result, ASRock had to recognize this issue as a warranty case and start exchanging boards with partially removed stickers for exactly the same new ones. Additionally, a BIOS update last month fixed the slow initial boot issue, so newer batches of motherboards don’t have such stickers at all. However, motherboard return policies at retail stores can vary by region, so some buyers may still have to deal with sticker remnants themselves.

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