Windows XP launches on the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality

Windows XP launches on the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset

Apple announced the Vision Pro mixed reality headset at WWDC 2023 in June this year. However, the device will not be available for sale until next year. Despite this, a set of tools for building applications visionOS SDK has been released. Now the developers of the UTM emulator have managed to port Windows XP to the Vision Pro headset.

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In the video the developers published On the social network X (formerly Twitter) you can see how Windows XP starts in the visionOS environment. It is noted that the operating system is successfully emulated in visionOS, but it works with significant limitations that still need work to eliminate. At this point, there isn’t even support for data entry, which means the user has no way of interacting with the virtual machine once it’s loaded.

The Windows operating system running on visionOS may come as a surprise at first, but it’s nothing special since Apple’s platform is based on iPadOS, which already supports UTM. However, running Windows XP in a virtual floating window looks quite interesting. Unfortunately, UTM is unlikely to appear in the App Store since Apple does not allow applications to create virtual machines on iOS.

Keep in mind that the Vision Pro device is Apple’s first mixed reality headset. According to the manufacturer, the headset will hit the US market in early 2024 and will later be available for sale in some other countries. The cost of the device starts at $3500.

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