Windows 11 will receive a built in analogue of AI scaling

Windows 11 will receive a built-in analogue of AI scaling NVIDIA DLSS

Microsoft is working on a feature to scale videos from low resolution to higher resolution using AI algorithms. We are probably talking about an analogue of the NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR tools, which will be integrated directly into Windows 11.

  Image Source: Microsoft

Image Source: Microsoft

Mentions of a feature called Automatic Super Resolution were found in the latest test builds of Windows 11, which are available to Microsoft Insiders. The description of this tool says that the new feature “uses artificial intelligence to deliver smoother gameplay with improved detail in supported games”.

Note that the description of the Automatic Super Resolution technology indicates that Microsoft intends to integrate a feature into Windows 11 that is similar to the Deep Learning Super Resolution technology. The latter uses AI algorithms to improve frame rates and image quality in games. AMD and Intel are also developing analogues, the popularity of which has been growing recently.

  Image source: Tom Warren/The Verge

Image source: Tom Warren/The Verge

Microsoft hasn’t announced the new feature yet, so it’s hard to say exactly how it will work or when it might become generally available. DLSS technology uses the tensor cores of GeForce RTX accelerators to scale images. It is possible that for the Automatic Super Resolution function to work correctly, you will need an appropriate video card or processor with an NPU.


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