Windows 11 will add support for third party widgets

Windows 11 will add support for third-party widgets

In the second half of the year, Microsoft will release the first major update for its new software platform with Windows 11 22H2 (Sun Valley 2). It will focus on improving quality and fixing UI bugs. Alongside this, Windows 11 21H2 will bring a number of innovations, one of which will be support for third-party widgets.

Image Source: Windows Latest

Image Source: Windows Latest

This is indicated by the updated developer guide published on the Microsoft website. It is said that along with the upcoming update, the functionality of widgets in Windows 11 will be significantly expanded, as well as support for third-party widgets. It’s clear from the documentation that we’re talking about web widgets, and Microsoft won’t allow third-party developers to create Win32 or UWP widgets at this point, but it can’t be ruled out that the software giant will reconsider its stance on the subject in the future .

It is also noted that the distribution of third-party web widgets cannot be done only through the Microsoft Store. Also mentioned in the documentation “adaptive maps”that represent “platform independent UI snippets” and designed for integration with widgets.

It is possible that Microsoft is working with some third-party developers to create widgets for Windows 11. Little is known about this at the moment. Obviously more information about the new widgets will appear closer to the release of the Sun Valley 2 update.



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