Windows 11 is installed on more than 400 million devices

Windows 11 is installed on more than 400 million devices – there will be 500 million by the beginning of 2024

Today, Windows 11’s target audience includes more than 400 million monthly active users, and by the beginning of 2024 this number will exceed 500 million, the resource reported. Windows Central citing “internal Microsoft data.”

This suggests that the rollout of Windows 11 is progressing more slowly than its predecessor, with Windows 10 reaching 400 million active devices less than a year after its release. But Microsoft proudly reports that this value is 115% higher than that of Windows 7. Windows 11 was released in October 2021 and one of its biggest innovations was stricter hardware requirements: processors released after 2018 and the presence of a TPM 2.0 chip . As a result, Windows 11 was unable to show the same dynamics as its predecessor. Microsoft offered the option to upgrade the operating system from an older version for free, but only if the system requirements were met.

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The gloomy picture is confirmed by various statistical sources. Yes, on the platform steam Windows 11 accounts for about 37% of user computers, while Windows 10 accounts for almost 60%. Accordingly Statistics counter, the difference between them is even more significant: 24% and 72%, respectively. Microsoft has never offered separate stats on Windows 11: the company previously published a report on it alongside Windows 10, but late last year that disappeared too. According to official data, 1.4 billion devices were running Windows 10 and 11 as of April 2022.

Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 relatively soon – on October 14, 2025 – which means millions of computers will no longer receive security updates. And if the company doesn’t find new ways to get consumers and businesses aware of Windows 11, that deadline may have to be pushed back. And according to some information, Windows 12 will appear as early as 2024 – it could focus on AI and be sold by subscription.

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