Windows 11 introduces widgets to monitor CPU memory and GPU

Windows 11 introduces widgets to monitor CPU, memory, and GPU

The latest preview of the Microsoft Dev Home app includes a set of widgets that you can use to monitor CPU, RAM, and GPU resource usage.

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In addition, widgets provide data on the temperature of the graphic process, as well as the speed of the connection via WiFi or Ethernet. This is significantly more useful than other desktop items like news feeds or MSN materials – this year the ability to turn off the Microsoft News Feed is promised.

Current resource information can also be obtained in other ways, such as through the Xbox Game Bar app, Task Manager, or third-party utilities such as HWiNFO64. However, it is much more convenient to call up the widget with the key combination “Winkey + W”.

Unfortunately, they’re not stable enough yet – maybe it’s because they’re only shipped in a pre-release version of Dev Home. For example, they are reported to freeze after initial installation and give incorrect data before rebooting.

You can install the Dev Home preview from either Microsoft Storeor by downloading the installation file from GitHub. After that, they appear in the general widget area (Winkey + W) and are added with a plus button in the top area.

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