Windows 11 has found Internet Explorer and you can even

Windows 11 has found Internet Explorer, and you can even run it

Microsoft had apparently already completely abolished the relict browser Internet Explorer: the developer announced that it would stop supporting it. In Windows 11, even trying to open the corresponding EXE file fails to start it – Edge starts. However, the ability to run the old browser on the new platform still exists, as noted by users Twitter.

    Image source: Gerd Altmann /

Image source: Gerd Altmann /

As planned by the developer, Internet Explorer shouldn’t work on Windows 11 – in more than 20 years this is the first version of the proprietary operating system without the IE browser, which was retired on June 15, 2022. However, it remained on the platform as a system component, and its launch in its original form was made possible by old and forgotten by users, and apparently by the developer, fragments of the interface that still exist in 2022.

To start the browser, you need to find the “Internet Options” item in the “Start” menu, start the appropriate application “Control Panel”, select the “Add-ons Management” item on the “Programs” tab and click on the link “Other About Toolbars and Extensions”. For some reason, this sequence of steps starts Internet Explorer without forcing a redirect to Edge. The browser works with all its “charms”, demonstrates a categorical rejection of modern web technologies and vulnerability to numerous threats – the latter is relevant especially given the end of support, so caution is advised.

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