Windows 11 gets noise reduction background blur cropping and gaze

Windows 11 gets noise reduction, background blur, cropping, and gaze correction for video calls

This week Microsoft hosted a hybrid work virtual event where several exciting new products were announced. The developers spoke of plans to integrate the local Windows 11 platform with the cloud-based Windows 365. Also, the software giant announced the appearance of noise reduction, background blurring, auto-crop and gaze correction, which will be available during video calls on Windows11.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

AI algorithms are used to implement the mentioned functions, the integration of which into the local operating system is a rather difficult process. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has attempted to incorporate AI-based capabilities into its software platform. In 2020, for example, the Eye Contact tool was introduced, which became available on devices in the Surface family and was intended to correct the view during video calls. In addition, the Microsoft Teams Collaboration Service has a noise reduction feature that allows you to drown out background noise during a video call by emphasizing the user’s voice against their background. Teams uses an AI algorithm to automatically switch to the speaking conference participant and also supports creating a virtual background.

Note that Microsoft has not disclosed when the mentioned features will be implemented or how exactly they will work. At the moment it is not known if they will be available to Teams users or if they will be system-wide, ie working in any video communication application. It is also possible that they will become a paid feature available to users of the Microsoft 365 cloud service.


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