Windows 11 22H2 Update may cause Blue Screens of Death

Windows 11 22H2 Update may cause Blue Screens of Death on PCs with 11th Gen Intel chips

Microsoft released Windows 11 (22H2) this week, the first major update to its new operating system. Now it has become known that some users are temporarily blocked from installing this update due to its incompatibility with certain computer configurations.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

According to the source, Microsoft has discovered a compatibility issue in Windows 11 (22H2) with the drivers used to enable Intel Smart Sound Technology. The problem manifests itself on computers with Intel processors of the 11th generation and is expressed in the appearance of “Blue Screens of Death” (Blue Screen of Death). Spontaneous reboots can occur when using older versions of Intel SST audio controller drivers, including versions and

Computers running the mentioned driver versions will not be automatically updated to Windows 11 (22H2). Users are advised not to bypass this restriction as installing the update may lead to BSoDs. Instead, users are advised to update their audio controller drivers to versions and If there are newer versions in the respective 10.29.x or 10.30.x branch, the most recent version should be installed. After updating the audio controller drivers, the installation of Windows 11 (22H2) will be unlocked.


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