Winamp is revived on March 15 now its becoming a

Winamp is revived on March 15: now it’s becoming a streaming service with subscriptions for musicians

The Llama Group shared details about the release of a new version of the music platform Winamp. It will be available to performers around the world from March 15th and to listeners from April 15th. The streaming service, which offers the option of subscribing to individual artists, is also planning to integrate further features into its platform in the second quarter.

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Winamp rocked the music world back in the early 2000s by becoming the world’s most popular audio listening tool. Twenty years later, 83 million users are still interacting with the player. In the age of streaming music services, Winamp is poised to return to the industry to solve one of the burning problems: fair compensation for artists.

“While streaming platforms have given artists access to a wider audience, the revenue from them has been deplorable. The streaming revolution that promised so much left many musicians behind. They lack control over how their music is presented and marketed.”, — says the founder and CEO of Llama Group Alexander Sabundzhan (Alexandre Saboundjian). He also noted that Winamp “Next Generation” will provide a strong answer to the need for visibility and fair compensation while meeting the growing demands of fans wanting to get closer to artists.

At the heart of the new Winamp platform will be the Fanzone space, which will allow artists to receive a constant source of income. Artists can offer subscriptions at different prices depending on the exclusive content available. Beginning March 15, artists will have one month to familiarize themselves with the service, create profiles and set up subscriptions, after which the platform will be open to the public from April 15. Listeners can directly support their idols by paying for a Fanzone subscription and accessing exclusive content.

This section will be integrated into the new version of Winamp Player along with other audio content such as music, podcasts, radio stations and audiobooks. In addition, developers will soon release new versions of Winamp for Android, iOS, Windows and web browsers. Additional features will be available to artists later this year, such as: B. Copyright management (through Winamp’s subsidiary Bridger), licensing (for various commercial purposes) and NFT publishing. Content creators get 85% of the revenue from subscriptions, thanks to which the developers plan to attract 1 million artists to their platform.

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