Will be at the top for many many years Microsoft

“Will be at the top for many, many years”: Microsoft is confident that Starfield will repeat the success of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, in an interview at Brazil’s CCXP festival told about the new successes of the space role-playing game Starfield and about the long-term expectations of the project.

    Image source: Kotaku

Image source: Kotaku

According to Spencer, it’s impossible to predict in advance of release which game will be a hit and which won’t, but Starfield appeared to be the CEO of Microsoft Gaming “really special” also during the test.

“I played Starfield around this time a year ago, although the game came out in early September this year. I can say that even then I couldn’t put it down and I realized that it would probably be a very special game.”Spencer said.

The market leader also announced that more than 12 million users have already played Starfield since its release. In the Xbox ecosystem, the space role-playing game continues to be one of the top 10 most popular projects from Microsoft’s internal studios.

    Image source: Steam (zombie_nation)

Image source: Steam (zombie_nation)

Microsoft is counting on repeating the success of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The fantasy role-playing game was released more than 12 years ago, but is still very popular: “That is our goal”.

“We have already announced the Shattered Space expansion and tools for creating your own content in Starfield, which was important for Skyrim. We are confident that Starfield will be at the top for many, many years to come.”” Spencer assured.

Starfield was released on September 6th for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X, S and Game Pass. Two months after release, ratings on Steam dropped to “mixed” and the game itself began to lose popularity than Skyrim.

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