Wikimedia Enterprises first customers were Google and the Internet Archive

Wikimedia Enterprise’s first customers were Google and the Internet Archive

Non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation announced the names of the first customers of their commercial service Wikimedia Enterprise: Google and the Internet Archive gain access to the knowledge of the Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. Anyone can now test the service’s capabilities – all you have to do is register on the Wikimedia Enterprise website.

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As the Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects mature, their data is increasingly used by third-party websites and other systems. The company service is designed to provide content in the most convenient way for potential customers. This can benefit, for example, educational institutions that incorporate verified facts into their curricula, and artificial intelligence startups that need large datasets to train systems.

All customers have access to knowledge base and real-time updates, guaranteed uptime and some features not available in public APIs. Companies interested in the project can register and receive free trial access to Wikimedia Enterprise resources for 10,000 requests and 30-day history.

Google and the Internet Archive have a long history of fruitful collaboration with Wikimedia Foundation projects. Data from the Wikipedia database is displayed in special blocks of the Google search engine, and the Internet Archive with its Wayback Machine project is regularly used by the authors of the largest online encyclopedia itself – it has allowed to find more than 9 million broken ones repair shortcuts.

The Wikimedia Foundation stressed that launching a commercial service aims primarily to offset operational costs. All public projects of the fund remain free for all users.

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