WhatsApp will introduce self deletion from group chats

WhatsApp will introduce self-deletion from group chats

Almost every Messenger user found themselves in group chats dedicated to a specific event and then forgot to leave them for years. Now WhatsApp Messenger users can set the duration of their stay in the group, after which they will be removed from the chat.

    Image source: wabetainfo.com

Image source: wabetainfo.com

WhatsApp developers are testing a new feature called Expiring Groups that will allow you to set an expiration date for group chats. The feature was discovered by the authors of the resource WaBetaInfo in the beta version of the app for iOS.

A new option will appear in the group settings, allowing you to set the duration of your stay in it: a day, a week or any other date of your choice. If the chat later proves useful, it is possible to cancel the expiration of such a group. All settings chosen by the user apply only to himself and not to other participants in these chats – the group remains, but without this user.

After the deadline, WhatsApp will not simply remove the unwanted group from the list – the description of the function says that the application offers to clean the groups. However, as with the disappearance of messages, the new feature will help users keep their correspondence in order.


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