WhatsApp will allow you to create your own stickers

In the WhatsApp messenger, the function of creating your own stickers will appear in the foreseeable future. The corresponding feature is already available in one of the beta versions. In particular, they can be created from the images available to the user.

Image source: LoboStudioHamburg /

Image source: LoboStudioHamburg /

For the first time, a well-known network informant from India, Mukul Sharma, shared information about the new function. At first, from his submission, an indistinct screenshot with a plus sign (add) appeared on the Web, but later the staff of the Android Authority portal discovered the assembly itself and were able to use it. It looks like it’s still available in India for PC beta owners.

Most WhatsApp users have a version available that allows you to add stickers only from third-party applications. It is expected that the innovation will make chats even more “expressive” thanks to stickers created based on unique user-generated content.

Image source: Android Authority

Image source: Android Authority

The feature is expected to be available to Android OS users first, with options for iPhone owners later on. Newly created icons will go to the stickers section.

According to Android Authority, the messenger will receive an integrated editor that allows you to neatly separate the image from the background, crop it or rotate it. In the meantime, in WhatsApp, when you press the button “Other applications with stickers”, it redirects to the Google Play page with the already entered search query WASticker.


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