WhatsApp is getting new voice messaging features

WhatsApp is getting new voice messaging features

Although the web has gossip About the possible shutdown of WhatsApp Messenger on the Android operating system of old versions from April 1, this information has not yet been officially confirmed. But on the Messenger developers’ blog there was information about the update package, thanks to which the functionality of voice messages will be expanded.

    Image source: blog.whatsapp.com

Image source: blog.whatsapp.com

Voice messages appeared on WhatsApp in 2013, and now WhatsApp users send an average of 7 billion such messages every day. Like text, they are protected by end-to-end encryption. However, users often complained about the imperfect tools for working with voice messages.

In response, the company has prepared a whole series of innovations:

  • Playback outside of a chat: You can perform almost any task on your smartphone while still listening to a voice message in the background;
  • the ability to pause and resume recording;
  • graphical representation of the sound wave;
  • Preview: you can rate the quality of the recording before sending the message;
  • Playback from pause: there is no need to listen to the entire message again if the user left the chat without stopping listening for any reason;
  • Speed ​​Playback: Recording can be speeded up 1.5X or even 2X to save time.

These features will be available soon.

It was previously reported that WhatsApp intends to increase the maximum amount of files sent to 2GB.


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