WhatsApp has started working on compatibility with other instant messengers

WhatsApp has started working on compatibility with other instant messengers – this is required by new EU law

Last week the EU named the 19 largest services covered by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Compatibility with each other is an important requirement for messaging services between these platforms. For example, Snapchat users can exchange messages with WhatsApp and Messenger without having to create an account. The new beta version of WhatsApp already has a new screen called “Third-party chats” – the first example of meeting these requirements.

    Image source: unsplash.com

Image source: unsplash.com

This new screen has been added to the trial version of the WhatsApp Android app. It’s blank for now, but the idea is that WhatsApp will provide the user with a special menu to view incoming messages from people using other apps.

The EU has designated six gatekeeper companies – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft and have divided the list of their services into categories according to the platform’s main services. Some companies appeared on multiple lists at the same time. For example, Google operates access control services, including several “intermediation” services (Google Maps, Google Play, Google Shopping), an ad delivery system, a web browser, an operating system, a search engine, and a video display platform.

Meta also listed in several categories. The company operates social networks (Facebook and Instagram), mediation service (meta Marketplace) and advertising platform. Furthermore, meta is the clear market leader in messaging. The EU uses the acronym N-IICS for interpersonal communications applications. Two meta apps In this category, WhatsApp and Messenger are subject to the DMA.

WhatsApp developers have started integrating cross-platform features into WhatsApp since Meta There isn’t much time left to add support for third-party instant messengers. Gatekeeper companies have six months to comply with all EU requirements, meaning interoperability of messaging services must be achieved by March 2024.

Before Meta The challenge is to achieve compatibility with other messaging services, including advanced features such as file sharing, video calling and audio messaging. The end-to-end encryption should also work with third-party services. In other words: the current beta version of the WhatsApp application is just a groundbreaking ceremony for a technically important project.

Interestingly, Apple’s iMessage messaging protocol is not included in major DMA messaging services, as the company claims its messaging service has not yet reached the 45 million user threshold.

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