WhatsApp has learned to hide the users IP address during

WhatsApp has learned to hide the user’s IP address during calls

WhatsApp messenger has a new IP address protection switch during calls, which hides the user’s IP address from the interlocutor. When this mode is enabled, calls are routed through WhatsApp servers, ensuring the confidentiality of the owner’s real IP address. This is intended to make calls on WhatsApp even safer for users who value maximum privacy.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

“Most calling products in use today have peer-to-peer connections between participants. This direct connection allows for faster data transfer and better call quality, but also means that participants need to know each other’s IP addresses. – WhatsApp representatives wrote in their blog. — IP addresses may contain information considered by some of our most privacy-conscious users.”

It’s worth noting that this increase in privacy doesn’t come without compromise – WhatsApp warns that the new setting may affect sound and video quality during a call: “When using call forwarding, call quality may be affected.”. The company emphasized that calls are always encrypted, regardless of whether the new IP address protection option is enabled.

    Image source: WhatsApp

Image source: WhatsApp

The WhatsApp blog also confirms a new feature announced in July – the ability to block unknown callers, which prevents spam and also disables vectors for advanced cybersecurity attacks.

“Protecting user privacy and security is critical for WhatsApp to achieve its mission of providing private communications around the world. – says the blog. — These new security features, combined with many other protections, keep people safe on WhatsApp.” The new IP protection switch is located in the Privacy section of WhatsApp Settings.

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