WhatsApp for Android now supports passwordless authorization via passkey

WhatsApp for Android now supports passwordless authorization via passkey

Large IT companies such as Microsoft, Google and Meta Platforms continue to promote passkey technology, which allows you to forego traditional passwords and replace them with one of the available authentication methods. This time this option is available to WhatsApp messenger users on Android devices.

    Image source: WhatsApp

Image source: WhatsApp

WhatsApp users can forego the use of passwords and SMS verification and instead use a PIN code or biometric authentication such as a fingerprint or facial scan. Meta implemented passkey support in its Messenger, following Google, which a few days ago required users to use access keys to protect their accounts.

Some time ago meta has started testing Passkey in the beta version of WhatsApp on the Android platform, but the feature has now arrived in the stable version of the application and will be available to all users of the platform in the next few weeks. It is not yet known when support for access keys will be implemented in the iOS version of the messenger.

Integrating passkey support into WhatsApp is another step towards eliminating the use of traditional passwords that can be stolen by attackers. This doesn’t mean WhatsApp’s more than 2 billion users are protected from all threats, but access keys should still make interacting with the service more secure.

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