WhatsApp channels become public

WhatsApp channels become public

Owned by Meta Messenger platforms WhatsApp announced the global launch of channels that the platform is positioning as a new way to convey information. Users can subscribe to channels, send messages from them to chats, view the channel catalog with an automatic filter by country, etc.

    Image source: WhatsApp

Image source: WhatsApp

The developers’ statement states that their goal is to create a mailing service with the highest level of confidentiality. For this purpose, channels are separated from chats so that channels to which a user is subscribed are not visible to other subscribers. In addition, the service protects the personal information of channel administrators and subscribers.

As for the changes that the channels have undergone since the beginning of their testing, the first thing that should be highlighted is the appearance of an improved catalog. It automatically applies a filter based on the user’s country. You can also filter channels by New, Most Active, Popular, and Number of Subscribers. Additionally, channels now support sending emojis and viewing the number of reactions a particular message has received.

Channel admins can edit updates within 30 days from the date the post was published. After this period, updates are automatically deleted from the messenger servers. Users can forward updates to chats and groups. Such messages are supplemented with a link to the relevant channels.

The developers will continue to improve the channels based on user feedback. In the next few months, the ability to create channels will be available to every WhatsApp user.

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