What to do in the open world of Rise of

What to do in the open world of Rise of the Ronin – new details of the “largest and most ambitious” action role-playing game from the authors of Nioh

The developers of Rise of the Ronin from the Team Ninja studio (Nioh, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty series) revealed new details of the role-playing action in the first video diary and publication in PlayStation Blog. The authors talked about the place and time of the game, the features of the open world and secondary activities.

 Image source: PlayStation Blog

Image source: PlayStation Blog

Rise of the Ronin takes place in 1860s Japan, during the bakumatsu – the troubled time of the end of the Edo era, which ended with the abolition of the shogunate and the transfer of power to the emperor. After arrival “black ships” American Commodore Matthew Perry, Japan was forced to conclude unequal treaties with the United States (and subsequently with other Western countries) and open its market to them. As a result, the shogun lost the support of part of the population and opposition formed – clashes began between peasants and government police forces.

In the role of a nameless ronin (samurai without a master), left without his partner, players will travel around the country and carry out orders for the inhabitants. Unlike Nioh and other studio projects, instead of linear levels ending with a boss fight, Rise of the Ronin will offer a vast open world. The authors create it with great attention to detail, trying to reproduce all the features of the historical era.

Users will visit several major cities, including Yokohama, Edo (the old name for Tokyo), and Kyoto, all of which blend traditional Japanese culture with Western influences. Players will see the US Consulate, Chinatown, the Yokohama Guest House, a lighthouse, a settlement for foreign soldiers, Yamashita Park, the famous temples of Asakusa and Kyoto, the imperial palace and brothels.

Other details from the video and publication:

  • Rise of the Ronin is called “the largest and most ambitious” project Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo;
  • As players progress, they will gain access to faster riding horses and additional riding equipment;
  • the glider on which the hero can fly is based on a drawing by Ikkansai Kunitomo, an inventor and gunsmith of the Edo era;
  • a grappling hook will allow you not only to quickly move around locations, but also to capture enemies;

  • skills in using a glider and a grappling hook will be especially useful for getting to unusual places in each location that cannot be reached in the usual way (a reward awaits players there);
  • There is a system for quickly moving between banners, from which you can also replenish resources. Users who joined a multiplayer session start from the same points;
  • in the open world you will meet somo – former samurai who became rich merchants and farmers. You can complete special tasks for them;
  • random events called “Preordained Fate” occur on the map, which may not happen again;
  • by destroying enemies, the hero increases the level of security in each zone and improves relations with its inhabitants;
  • In addition to quests, side activities include training battles with previously encountered opponents in the dojo, yabusame (mounted archery), artillery training, and searching for cats.

Rise of the Ronin will be released on March 22nd exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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