Intel has officially confirmed that Alder Lake processors will soon

What Intel told investors about Raptor Lake: Fall release, increased performance, LGA 1700 compatibility, and high price

Intel will introduce the 13th generation Core processors, also known as Raptor Lake, in the fall. As part of the quarterly event, the company shared details about future updates, saying they will be more expensive but much more powerful than their predecessors.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

According to Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger, the Raptor Lake family of processors offers users “Significant benefits, including double-digit performance gains” compared to current Alder Lake chips. At the same time, the new items will be compatible with motherboards for Alder Lake as they are made for the same LGA 1700 processor socket.

The head of Intel said that the company will be forced to increase the cost of processors, and this will happen in the fourth quarter. And we’re talking client chips, so apparently just Raptor Lake. It was noted that Intel is already delaying the moment of price increases, but in the fourth quarter it will be forced to make processors more expensive, since the cost has increased due to inflation. The company noted that the price increase cannot worsen its position – the current Alder Lake has secured its strong position in.

At the same time, Gelsinger promises that there should be no overall price increase: “So there are ways to adjust prices, but not everywhere, so it doesn’t affect us much.“. It can be assumed that not all processors will increase in price, only flagships, for example. How much the prices will increase is still unclear. Note that the current Core i9-12900K costs $ 589, its successor so may be more expensive than $600.

Intel has confirmed that the Raptor Lake processors will be released this fall. Desktop chips will debut first, most likely models with the “K” suffix in their name and an unlocked multiplier. Later, “by the end of the year,” they will be joined by the mobile Raptor Lake. Intel also noted that it is already ramping up production of Raptor Lake.

We know from rumors and leaks that Raptor Lake will feature up to 24 cores with support for up to 32 threads. The chips get up to eight “big” Raptor Cove P-cores and up to 16 power-saving Gracemont E-cores. They’ll also support faster DDR5 memory, more PCIe 5.0 lanes, and a host of other improvements. These chips are manufactured using Intel 7 process technology.

Intel officials also mentioned the 14th generation Core processors, better known as Meteor Lake, saying they will start shipping in 2023. Meteor Lake processors will be made up of multiple crystals made using different engineering processes, including Intel 4. The company also boasted of successful testing of the new product: “[Meteor Lake] shows good results both in our laboratories and in our customers’ laboratories“.

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