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“What are you missing? Why are you doing this?”: The developers of the Japanese game will release an international version, but will close it in three months

Fans have been waiting for the international release of mobile rhythm game Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE! since last April and finally there is news, but the recent announcement left more questions than answers.

    Image source: Bushiroad

Image source: Bushiroad

Japanese version of Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE! released on April 15, 2023 for iOS and Android. The worldwide release was expected before the end of 2023, but in the end was postponed for February 2024.

IN new publication Developers from Japanese studio Bushiroad have confirmed that the international version of the game is still scheduled for February and will be released three months after launch – on May 31, 2024.

“We appreciate the love and support you have shown and are committed to making these last few months unforgettable.”– The developers accompanied the announcement of the impending closure of the game.

    The servers for the Japanese version will be shut down on March 31st, but at least the game will live longer than three months

Japanese version servers is switched off It’s already March 31st, but at least the game will live longer than three months

Fans of the franchise looking forward to the worldwide release of Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE! were at a loss. “I’ve never seen anything like this, where the launch and closure of a game was announced in one tweet.”noticed c89 in X

The biggest question among players was Bushiroad’s decision to release the game but then close it after three months:

  • “We are pleased to announce the cancellation of our game”Paraphrases Keiriks with ResetEra;
  • “This is the highest form of comedy”counted Dinoegg_96 with ResetEra;
  • “Grand Opening! Closing Ceremony!announced MrBS with ResetEra;
  • “I thought there was a mistake in the title and was confused. No, it’s true. Lol”found out squall23 with ResetEra;
  • “The developers came up with an April Fool’s joke long in advance”try to calm down nbynist83 in X;
  • “Then what’s the point of starting it? What are you missing? Why are you doing this?”given is rhetorical questions venom_cipher in X;
  • “They really said: Enjoy the last three months of fun!”reconciled with reality Nanaseblessing in X;
  • “This looks like trolling. It can’t be that a game comes out and then ends four months later.”– I can’t believe it Lennyohh in X

Love life! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE! offers to collect points when performing songs (see video below). The game is free but includes micropayments – despite the impending closure, it seems like they won’t be turning off monetization.

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