Western Digitals online store hasnt recovered from a cyber attack

Western Digital’s online store hasn’t recovered from a cyber attack – it’s been down for 6 weeks

On March 26, Western Digital reported a serious information security incident in its corporate network, which affected the developer’s and customers’ data and also caused a number of problems in the operation of the company’s online services, including the online store, which did not still restored.

    Image source: pixabay

Image source: pixabay

On May 5, Western Digital issued a press release revealing some details on the matter. The official statement announced plans to launch the online store on May 15th. In addition to the theft of customer information, a range of data from partners and private organizations was also compromised. Cyber ​​criminals gained access to digital certificates, but Western Digital says the company has the ability to revoke compromised certificates as needed.

The cyber attack also had financial consequences for the provider. Western Digital has released its third quarter 2023 financial results report showing the impact of recent developments on its bottom line. According to the report, revenue fell 10% sequentially, although some of that is likely due to the global market downturn rather than the hack.

It is currently not foreseeable how long it will take to completely restore the previous functionality of online systems and to eliminate the consequences of a data protection breach.

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