Western Digital begins compensating WD Red drive owners for covert

Western Digital begins compensating WD Red drive owners for covert use of SMR recordings

Western Digital has begun paying cash damages to participants in a class action lawsuit relating to the covert use of SMR tile recording technology in WD Red hard drives intended for installation in network storage systems. The latter offers a higher storage density, but at the same time has a significantly lower overwriting speed.

    Image source: Western Digital

Image source: Western Digital

It is known that in 2020, users unexpectedly found out that WD Red series drives used in Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems use SMR technology, as opposed to standard CMR. At the same time, disks of this type significantly lose speed during the execution of some tasks. It also turned out that the SMR was used not only in the Red series, but also in several Blues and at least one Black, which belongs to the higher price range.

The company initially tried to evade responsibility, but by the time it finally admitted to the problem, it was too late – numerous class action lawsuits were filed against the manufacturer, alleging Western Digital’s false advertising. According to users, the amount of compensation turned out to be small – from $4 to $7 per disk, depending on the capacity of the disks purchased.

In 2021, WD established a $2.7 million fund to compensate victims who purchased WD Red drives. Owners have been asked to leave a claim on a dedicated website by November 8, 2021. Compensation has already arrived, we are talking about buyers of the WD20EFAX (2 TB), WD30EFAX (3 TB) models – they will receive $ 4 each. Owners of the WD40EFAX and WD60EFAX (4 and 6 TB respectively) get $7 each.


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