Weird West Once upon a time in the Weird

Weird West – Once upon a time in the Weird West. evaluation

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Despite the fundamental differences in the entourage, a noticeable difference in pacing, presentation and visual perspective, Weird West feels like Dishonored’s ideological successor in many ways. The narrative here also sends to a harsh and gloomy land, where human recklessness and unscrupulousness coexist with mystical and mysterious motives of the unknown, and piquant nuances of the world order are combined with simple and understandable human affairs. And here, too, the direct influence of the player on the environment is important: every action and every decision (e.g. money or friendship) will definitely affect the appearance of the Weird West. And these little things will make up our personal resolution to a great story.

    One day, a bounty hunter, a pig man and a werewolf enter the saloon.  And the bartender told them,

One day, a bounty hunter, a pig man and a werewolf enter the saloon. And the bartender told them, “Get out, we don’t serve ‘those’ people.” The lycanthrope and the pig looked at each other, “I wonder why he doesn’t like bounty hunters that much?”

The good guys, the bad guys, the pigs

Weird West is perhaps one of the most atmospheric gaming incarnations of the mythological Wild West. The atmosphere is built with unusual subtlety, and the sense of constant and unseen danger doesn’t go away for a minute. Still, an old woman with a scythe literally awaits a traveler at every turn – whether he’s walking through the withering desert, whether he’s walking through a provincial town, whether he’s trying to traverse the disgusting swamps, or not far from an abandoned one is dark mine. Yes, and the contingent in this region is creepy: moon-mad lycanthropes, bloodthirsty pigmen, sectarians with very specific goals and no less peculiar methods, well, just cruel villains of all stripes. But for us personally, these dangers are hardly the most pressing issue, for our destinies are intertwined with much more global events.

Somewhere in an unknown place there is a mysterious room with portraits, in which followers of a bizarre cult are conducting a strange experiment on us. The passenger (as the protagonist is called) is placed in turns in the bodies of five different personalities to see how he behaves in critical situations where life and death are separated by a moment of deduction. And the “vessels” for the experiment were chosen to suit us.

How do you like the amnesiac pig man Cl’erns Qi’g trying to destroy an ancient tree at the request of the tree itself? A terrifying chain of events will reveal both how and why the protagonist got muzzled and where his memories went. And at the end of the arc, the hero even has a small chance of redemption. What he might not deserve – it all depends on us.

    Sirens love to feast, but they don't like cleaning up at all.

Sirens love to feast, but they don’t like cleaning up at all.

No less curious is the story of Jane Bell, a retired bounty hunter who must once again take up arms. And all to avenge the murdered son and free her husband from the captivity of the terrifying sirens, who prefer human flesh above all else. Werewolves also appreciate a similar delicacy, one of which is given to us to care for. Whether he follows the path of wolf instincts or tries to change the established order of things and restore a human face is up to the player to decide.

Our choices also play a role in the story of a native of these lands named Riverstrider, who seeks to defeat the Wendigo while resisting the disease of intoxicating greed. But the last story of the Oneira (witch from the cult) Constance Driftwood turns out to be less dramatic, but here we need to collect the heroes of previous adventures … alive or dead!

Like Weird West, but like Max Payne

All stories are closely interwoven: supporting characters, changing locations and events, connected by the common thread of the narrative. Sometimes even inactivity and skipping a side quest will hamper plot progression. So, a hero has to deal with the chaos left by the other / the other, and another protagonist, on the contrary, has to destroy what his predecessor built. Yes, what is there – you can just come to the residence of the previous character under our control and put the entire barrel of the revolver inside. Just because it’s allowed. But it is worth remembering that the game will definitely remember and maybe even remember!

small difficulties

The basic basis of the gameplay is the same for everyone – dynamic real-time gunfights with an isometric view, time dilation, wide opportunities to use the environment against enemies (and sometimes against yourself and allies) and, if desired, hidden elements passage. But each hero also has their own specific abilities.

Pigmen, for example, can become immune to damage for a while; the Native American can summon the spirit of a bear; the cultist can teleport short distances; a bounty hunter can put a spell on her and lure her to her side for a short time; and the lost lycanthrope Dizederio Rios draws on a fiery aura in a critical situation. However, the general active skills that improve firearms and bows seemed much more reliable to me.

The arsenal here is divided along the classic color scheme, with white being trunks that shoot on probation and orange being weapons of absolute and exceptional power. Another interesting piece of equipment is amulets, which give unusual properties: accelerated movement in the wind, instant reloading of the barrel in case of a fatal hit on the enemy, or, for example, increased damage with a good / terrible reputation. However, in order to find worthy equipment, you need to turn everything upside down in the hope of decent loot, or at least a couple of cartridges, the lack of which is periodically felt.

    If you feed lead to someone's boss, relative or friend, you can be declared for revenge.  However, the bloody retribution can be stopped by the Avenger with a murderous

If you feed lead to someone’s boss, relative or friend, you can be declared for revenge. However, the bloody retaliation can be stopped by treating the Avenger with a murderous “delicacy”.

On the one hand, Weird West generously encourages the player to be meticulous, on the other hand, it also relates to his main problem: an uncomfortable perspective. Small objects in locations doesn’t go well with the isometric camera and finding another quest item* sometimes it becomes a sophisticated torture. For some reason the developers didn’t provide for something as simple as highlighting objects for interaction.

However, the camera is also annoying during heavy shootings. Due to their “mood”, the protagonists regularly catch bullets or get hit in the neck with a sharpened butcher knife, fail at stealth operations and fall into other shackles. Of course, you can get used to the camera, but even after twenty hours you do not dare to call it comfortable. Speaking of the peculiarities of the “quiet” passage, the opponents sometimes do not hear the heavy shooting just around the corner.

    A good way to make some quick money is to accept a contract to kill or capture a particularly dangerous criminal.  The main thing is not to spend more on ammunition and equipment than they pay for their work.

A good way to make some quick money is to accept a contract to kill or capture a particularly dangerous criminal. The main thing is not to spend more on ammunition and equipment than they pay for their work.

Another unfortunate element is the random events that happen to us as we travel around the world. Encounters with bandits, packs of wolves or mad bears or, shall we say, encounters with a mysterious savage who clearly understands the essence of what is happening – all this is entertaining at first. But already in the second chapter of our adventures in the vastness of the spicy west, street encounters enter the second (and then the third and fourth) circles and begin to seriously tire, tearing the main narrative from the screen. This is especially annoying closer to the finale when we decide the fate of the world and then on the country road some armed thugs for some reason decide it’s a good idea to rob us. Such a stretch in the measurement of time is of little use in any work.


And yet the roughness described cannot detract from the undisputed strengths of Weird West. To a world full of subtle nuances and relationships, to the excellent atmosphere of a mystical western, to powerful character stories imbued with the motifs of redemption, searching and rethinking life and the eternal idea that mercy can be stronger than a bullet . But sometimes it doesn’t work without bullets.


  • finely built atmosphere – spooky, mysterious, harsh;
  • a large number of game nuances;
  • fascinating overall story and strange side arcs.


  • The number of random events on the map is too large and at a certain point it starts to tire.
  • The local camera does not mix well with the need to read important information and look for various small things.


Muddy smelly swamps, awe-inspiring abandoned mines, dusty provincial town streets that hurt your eyes – the visual embodiment of Weird West is terrifyingly compelling!


Atmospheric music compositions, eerie and penetrating sound design finds and the narrator’s goosebump-piercing voice thoroughly immerse oneself in the viscous world of the extraordinary West.

single player game

A fast-paced action game with RPG elements, tons of gameplay nuances, an incredibly engaging overall story, and decent side quests.

Estimated travel time

The campaign will last between twenty and thirty hours depending on the thoroughness of the passage. And you’ll definitely want to walk through Weird West at least once more. Sometime later, after a few patches…

collective game

Not provided.

overall impression

The Weird West Revolver is full of great ideas, but the occasional drop-out spoils the impression a little.

Rating: 8.0/10

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* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision, activities on the grounds of Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 “On Combating Extremist Activity”.


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