Wearable software expert will lead Apple’s automotive business

Doug Field’s departure to Ford Motor forced Apple to find a new curator for its secret auto program, which since 2014 has failed to produce any tangible results. Field’s successor is Kevin Lynch, who has led the company’s wearable software development since 2013.

Image source: Bloomberg

Image source: Bloomberg

The appointment is reported by Bloomberg citing knowledgeable sources. Kevin Lynch was also responsible for the development of software for monitoring the physiological indicators of the body used by Apple smartphones. In any case, he has never been involved in the development of actual hardware components, nor has he worked for companies directly related to the automotive industry. This sets Lynch apart from his predecessors, as Steve Zadesky started at Ford Motor, as did his successor Doug Field, who later joined Tesla.

Whether this may indicate that now Apple’s initiative will focus on the creation of the control software for the autopilot is an open question. In the development team in this area, there are still specialists in the creation of hardware components. Experts with Tesla experience, for example, are able to design powertrains, interiors and exteriors of vehicles.

Korean sources at the same time celebratethat Apple representatives during their business trips to South Korea hold meetings with potential partners in the automotive direction, among which LG, SK and Hanwha are mentioned. It is assumed that Apple is not able to single-handedly launch the production of electric vehicles, and the political situation prevents it from relying on Chinese partners. Discussions are underway with Korean auto component manufacturers. Apple’s plans in this area are still too vague to talk about a clear concept of entering the car market, and personnel changes within the company only prove that the strategy is constantly changing.

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