We will definitely find a way to improve the game

“We will definitely find a way to improve the game and regain your trust”: War Thunder developers apologized “sincerely” to fans

The recent appeal to gamers by the developers of Gaijin Entertainment’s shareware competitive action film War Thunder failed to calm the storm of public anger (and even added fuel to the fire), forcing the studio to release another film.

    Image Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

Image Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

Recall that fans were outraged by the planned changes to the in-game economy and literally knocked down the rating of War Thunder on Steam: the result of six days was more than 45 thousand negative reviews and “extremely negative” recent reviews.

In response, the developers reversed the controversial changes, it said “Special Economy Update” in the second half of summer and also condemned the bombing of War Thunder with negative reviews.

The community didn’t stop there though, and in the last three days, players have written more than 40,000 negative reviews of War Thunder (over 86,000 in May). Gaijin again hidden Mention of Steam with official site.

    From love to hate... (Image source: Steam)

From love to hate… (Image source: Steam)

IN new treatment brought the developers to the fans “Best regards”. The studio regrets failing to live up to players’ hopes and responsibly responding to comments about the game, and also recognizes issues with the current economic balance.

Gaijin is currently preparing an action plan and will reveal a timeline for future changes to War Thunder around June 14th: “We will definitely find a way to improve the game and win back your trust.”.

The full release of War Thunder happened in December 2016. So far the game is available on PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The audience of the project exceeded 70 million people at the end of 2022.

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