“We were tricked”: Marvel’s Avengers added paid experience boosters

In the superhero action game Marvel’s Avengers appeared paid items that allow you to speed up the gaining experience. You can buy them only for in-game currency, which can be purchased for real money. Many players expressed their dissatisfaction with the innovation and reminded the developers that in 2019 the company promised do not add loot boxes and leave microtransactions only for beauty products.

Source: Square Enix

Source: Square Enix

Paid boosters allow you to increase the amount of experience or resources gained on missions, which speeds up the pumping of the hero. Users attribute their appearance to the growing popularity of the action game. On September 30, the game was added to the Xbox Game Pass library. This allowed the project to climb into the top 10 most popular games of the service and climb to 15th place among all games on the Xbox.

In the comments on Reddit players complainthat Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix “Cheated” community. Also users rememberedthat one of the updates to Marvel’s Avengers lowered the amount of experience gained because players “did not understand”why characters are pumping so quickly.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

So far, the developers have not commented on the emergence of accelerators in light of their previous statements about micropayments.

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