Warner Bros commented on rumors that the action film Wonder

Warner Bros. commented on rumors that the action film Wonder Woman about Wonder Woman will be a service game

Warner Bros. didn’t have time. Discovery hinted at converting its franchises into service games as fans found a hint among the vacancies at the Monolith Productions studio that the upcoming Wonder Woman action film based on the DC Comics about Wonder Woman is also a project would be of this kind.

    Image source: Warner Bros. Games

Image source: Warner Bros. Games

IN Description Lead Gameplay Software Engineer at Monolith mentionedThis experience is an advantage for the applicant “Help support a game or product service”. It is worth noting that this wording disappeared from the text sometime after the job posting.

Given recent statements from Warner Bros. management. The discovery of targeting game services fans is predictable were worried, when we saw a mention of this distribution model in a job posting for Wonder Woman developers. Officially, the Monolith project is positioned as a single-player action game in the open world.

In a statement to the portal IGN Warner Bros representatives assured this “Wonder Woman is not a service game”. This third-person action game, according to the publisher, will allow fans to take on the role of Diana of Themyscira and experience an original story in the DC Universe with the arch-enemy system Nemesis.

Wonder Woman was introduced in December 2021 with a short teaser (see below) and has not received a single screening since then – unlike the cooperative action film Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, whose version will contain elements of service games of Wonder Women ( see above).

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