VTB has launched a bot in Telegram that will replace

VTB has launched a bot in Telegram that will replace the bank’s mobile application

VTB customers were given access to banking services via a Telegram bot. At the moment you can use the Fast Payment System (FPS) to transfer money and top up your mobile phone bill. According to VTB, the new banking system Service in Telegram is unique to both domestic and global financial markets. Gradually, the bank plans to expand the functionality of the bot.

    Image Credit: PHOTOGRAPHY_GENTCREATE/Pixabay.com

Image Credit: PHOTOGRAPHY_GENTCREATE/Pixabay.com

The bank’s press service said that at the first stage, card and account balance viewing, as well as transferring money through the SBP and replenishing mobile accounts, will be available. In the future, the bank wants to organize payment via QR codes. It will also be possible to view transaction history and make transfers between accounts, pay bills in batches and transfer funds from card to VTB card. Finally, by the end of this year, access to all the usual banking services and even the release of a range of digital products will be provided. The features are available to users of all operating systems that support Telegram. The bot will also be able to replace the application in the Apple App Store.

According to VTB, the new service is safe to use because financial transactions do not go through Telegram. “The web widget technology used in the bot does not send any sensitive data to the messenger. In fact, the customer gets access to the online bank through Telegram, and all operations are carried out on the bank’s side, and not in the messenger. determines the financial institution.

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