VRAR headset shipments projected to grow 36 through 2022 Oculus

VR/AR headset shipments projected to grow 36% through 2022, Oculus remains market leader

According to analysis agency TrendForce, shipments of VR and AR headsets will increase by 36% this year. According to experts, the relatively cheap Meta Quest headsets will dominate the consumer VR space. Microsoft HoloLens will be most popular in the corporate space, where AR solutions are more common.

Image Credit: ExtremeTech

Image Credit: ExtremeTech

According to analysts, the supply of VR/AR devices is expected to grow to 14.19 million units by the end of 2022. For comparison: In 2021, 9.86 million such devices were launched. According to TrendForce, the faster growth in the popularity of augmented and virtual reality headsets is mainly hampered by two factors: a shortage of components against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as a certain stagnation in the development of new technologies for these devices.

Analysts note that the most popular devices in the VR market today are the relatively affordable Meta Quest headsets. The corporate sector, in turn, prefers AR devices, the most popular being solutions from Microsoft. According to experts, this trend will continue until at least 2023.

Image source: TrendForce

Image source: TrendForce

Many companies are developing new devices of this nature. For example, last October Meta (Facebook) announced that it was working on an advanced headset codenamed Project Cambria. The device is rumored to be aimed at the premium VR headset market, where it has to compete with solutions like the $999 Valve Index. For a few months there has also been talk of Apple developing an AR/VR headset. But that will have to wait until at least 2023. Although many are predicting that this device will be able to compete with meta headsets, TrendForce believes that this new product will target the enterprise customer segment where Microsoft now dominates with its HoloLens headsets. A strong hardware and software ecosystem and a flexible approach to software subscriptions will help win back Apple’s market share.

Sony is also developing a new VR headset for the PlayStation 5 game console. According to TrendForce, however, the release should not take place before 2023 due to problems related to the pandemic. Experts point out that all these devices will not change the balance of power in the AR / VR headset market, since the main competition will be in the segment of cheaper devices. The mass-consumer solutions offered today by Valve and HTC are still too expensive and will therefore remain niche products, primarily aimed at wealthy gamers.


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