VPN will be available to all Google One subscribers and

VPN will be available to all Google One subscribers, and users from the United States will get a dark web scanner for personal data leaks

Google has expanded the range of security features for Google One users – now the VPN service is available to everyone who has signed up for a subscription, regardless of the plan chosen. US users can also search the dark web for leaks of personal information.

    Image source: one.google.com

Image source: one.google.com

In the coming weeks, Google will roll out VPN access to all Google One plans, including the cheapest Basic, which offers 100GB of storage for $2 a month on Drive. The virtual private network connection will be available to users from 22 countries on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS devices. The company assures that “never monitors, records, or sells data transmitted over a VPN connection”.

For US users, the company has offered another security feature – scanning the dark web for their personal information to see if it has been leaked. Subscribers can choose what data is searched for on the dark web: name, home address, email address, phone number, or social security number. Google, in turn, assures that it will process this data in accordance with its data protection declaration and can remove it from the profile at any time.

If data is found on the dark web, the company sends a notification and provides recommendations for protection. For example, if a social security number is leaked, the user can file a request to protect their credit history. Google will also report finding data that has not been specified but could possibly be linked to the user.

Recently, Google One subscribers have access to the Magic Eraser and a range of other photo-editing features previously only available to Pixel 6 and 7 smartphone owners.


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