Volvo has signed the largest contract to supply electric trucks

Volvo has signed the largest contract to supply electric trucks – it includes 1000 vehicles

Swedish company Volvo Trucks expects to be able to convert up to half of the trucks it sells to electric by the end of the decade and has therefore come to the conclusion bulk order An important milestone on this path was for her at the Swiss construction group Holcim. Over the next seven years, the manufacturer will supply this customer with 1,000 electric trucks, which will be Volvo’s largest order of its kind.

    Image source: Volvo Trucks

Image source: Volvo Trucks

The first batch of 130 Volvo FH and FM electric trucks will be delivered to the customer between the fourth quarter of this year and the end of 2024. How much such a contract will cost the Swiss company is not specified. Holcim’s divisions in France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK will be the first to receive Volvo’s electric trucks. In the future, as soon as new batches arrive, the cars will be distributed throughout Europe. The delivery schedule for the remaining 870 vehicles will be determined together with Holcim.

Volvo Trucks currently manufactures electric trucks at three locations in Sweden, France and the United States. A Belgian plant will be added in the third quarter of this year. All Volvo trucks delivered under the contract with Holcim will be battery electric vehicles. Like most truck makers, Volvo Trucks is considering building hydrogen fuel cell trucks but expects to start mass production in the second half of this decade.

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