Volta based NVIDIA CMP 100HX mining accelerator discovered

Volta-based NVIDIA CMP 100HX mining accelerator discovered

NVIDIA has released another specialized graphics accelerator for mining. The card, called NVIDIA CMP 100HX, is based on the Volta GV100 GPU architecture, which the manufacturer introduced back in 2017. On this architecture, the company produced only a few professional graphics accelerators of the Quadro series, as well as a semi-professional graphics card Titan V.

Image source: PC_Shopping

Image source: PC_Shopping

The NVIDIA CMP 100HX mining graphics card has no video connectors. The accelerator is equipped with only two 8-pin auxiliary power connectors. The graphics card’s cooling system is passive. In other words, it is recommended to be used only in special server cases (or open stands) where additional cooling for the graphics subsystem is provided. Curiously, the accelerator is also equipped with an NV-Link connector.

Nvidia CMP 100HX.  Image source: PC_Shopping

Nvidia CMP 100HX. Image source: PC_Shopping

Information about the new product appeared in the Chinese technical forum PC_Shopping. The technical characteristics of the card are not specified, but its mining performance is known: 81 Mhash / s with a consumption of 250W, which is equivalent to the semi-professional NVIDIA Titan V. The size of the NVIDIA CMP 100HX video memory is unknown. Recall that NVIDIA Titan V came with 12GB of HBM2 memory. However, for mining graphics cards, the manufacturer usually underestimates the amount of available video memory.

NVIDIA Titan V. Image Credit: Gamers Nexus

NVIDIA Titan V. Image Credit: Gamers Nexus

Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

In its most recent earnings report, NVIDIA noted that its business of selling specialized graphics accelerators for mining made the company significantly less cash than a quarter earlier. Therefore, the conversion of old graphics cards for mining needs on the part of the company looks like a rather strange decision, at least. On the other hand, it is not known when NVIDIA started implementing the CMP 100HX accelerator. There were no official announcements of the card.



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