1693935035 Vodafone is expanding its network coverage with Amazon Project Kuiper

Vodafone is expanding its network coverage with Amazon Project Kuiper satellites

British mobile operator Vodafone said Amazon’s low-orbit Project Kuiper satellites will provide high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity for its network in remote parts of the world. This eliminates the need for fiber optic or fixed wireless connections. Amazon is preparing to test two prototype satellites in the coming months.

    Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon

In 2024, Amazon will begin fully deploying its constellation of serial satellites designed to compete with Starlink, OneWeb, and others. Vodafone and Amazon said they would deploy Project Kuiper’s high-speed broadband services to remote areas of the world and offer redundant communications to businesses.

Dave Limp, SVP of Devices and Services at Amazon, is confident the partnership will help customers of both companies. “Get the most out of connectivity expansion, especially in areas like residential broadband, agriculture, education, healthcare, transportation and financial services.”

Margherita Della Valle, CEO of Vodafone, believes the collaboration will complement the UK company’s existing collaboration with AST SpaceMobile to develop a mobile space network that can connect to traditional cell phones without special equipment.

There is currently a steady trend towards the integration of terrestrial and space-based communications. For example, Spain’s Telefonica, the world’s eighth largest telecoms company, partnered with Starlink last month to bring internet connectivity to rural and remote customers.

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