Video Zombie apocalypse and a sinister corporation in the gameplay

Video: Zombie apocalypse and a sinister corporation in the gameplay teaser of the horror action SCP: Pandemic

Studio Affray Interactive has released a small teaser for horror action SCP: Pandemic, which includes gameplay footage in 4K resolution. The closed beta test of the project started on December 13th and on February 22nd it will be in Early Access steam.

Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

SCP: Pandemic is a hardcore co-op first-person shooter in which the player joins a special task force to take on the sinister SCP Foundation. The latter is convicted of incessant attempts to arrange the death of mankind.

The following gameplay features have been announced for SCP: Pandemic:

  • a detailed and fairly extensive weapon customization system;
  • advanced sound design;
  • 1-2 hours of story content already in the basic version of the game;
  • the ability to peek around corners, break down doors, and other tactics.

The launch version of the game will also support ultra-wide monitors and NVIDIA DLSS anti-aliasing technology. SCP: Pandemic is currently in development for PC only.


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