Video War Hospital Strategy cinematrailer about running a field hospital

Video: War Hospital Strategy cinematrailer about running a field hospital during WWI

Developers Brave Lamb and publisher Nacon have released a cinematic trailer for War Hospital, a strategy game about the management of a British field hospital during World War I.

Image Credit: Brave Lamb Studio

Image Credit: Brave Lamb Studio

The protagonist of War Hospital is Major Henry Wells, a retired British military medic who is recalled to the front and thrown in “Nightmare of World War I”.

The major’s undermanned and unequipped hospital will be the last hope for countless soldiers on the French front. As conceived by the writers, a fresh cinematic trailer should propel the viewer into the harsh reality of war, where “Every election presents a dramatic dilemma”.

“Treat horrific battle wounds like a field hospital commander. Build a complex to heal the wounded while artillery shells explode in close proximity. Use real WWI equipment and see your tools and techniques evolve. Your choice will have a lasting impact.” says the official description.

In addition to caring for the wounded, the player must make difficult decisions that affect the morale of his employees, the availability of resources and even the course of the story.

War Hospital is due out on PC in 2022steam, GOG, EGS), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S.


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