Video Walkthrough of the side quest in the 25 minute

Video: Walkthrough of the side quest in the 25 minute gameplay video of the voxel detective Shadows of Doubt

ColePowered Games founder and sole employee Cole Jefferies introduced A 25 minute gameplay video demonstrating his voxel detective, Shadows of Doubt.

    Image Credit: ColePowered Games

Image Credit: ColePowered Games

Keep in mind that the events of Shadows of Doubt unfold in a hyper-industrialized version of the 1980s. Players in the role of a private investigator must hunt down a serial killer who can be literally anyone in town.

The video posted by Jeffries is dedicated to performing one of the side quests using procedural generation. The main character has to take a picture of a certain person.

The problem is that the player doesn’t know what his goal looks like – the client just gave some signs. He has to obtain the remaining data himself, for which Jeffries first enters his “victim’s” workplace and then their apartment.

For closed cases, players receive a score, which also depends on the speed of completing the task. Jeffreys received an average score for being too slow to perform the required actions.

According to the developer, the mission demonstrated is one of the most basic in Shadows of Doubt. There are many types of quests in the game, and some of them can be called roguelike.

Shadows of Doubt is being developed for PC (Steam) and has no exact release date yet. A key feature of the game is the procedural generation of the world and the simulation of the lives of its inhabitants.


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