Video Unreleased Intro for BioWares Handheld Sonic RPG

Video: Unreleased Intro for BioWare’s Handheld Sonic RPG

Veteran animator Jonathan Cooper, formerly of BioWare, published an unreleased intro that the studio created for their Sonic RPG.

Image source: Sega

Image source: Sega

This is Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, released on the Nintendo DS handheld console in September 2008. On release, the game greeted users with gameplay cuts to peppy music, but the team had a different idea.

The unreleased version of the intro is cartoon-style and features Sonic battling Dr. Robotnik and dodging his missiles. Nowhere has the entire video been published before.

The video was created by Sonic Chronicles Lead Artist Joel MacMillan and Lead Animator Nick DiLiberto. Cooper finds it difficult to name the reason for Sega’s refusal to work on developers.

Sonic Chronicles was released a year after the first Mass Effect and a year before Dragon Age: Origins. Nothing came out of BioWare on Nintendo DS either before or after (although there were attempts).

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