Video Unity shows advances in photorealistic digital humans

Video: Unity shows advances in photorealistic digital humans

Unity Technologies has released a short film demonstrating new ways to represent photorealistic digital people in real time. Game Developers Conference attendees were the first to see the technical demo.

Image source: Unity

Image source: Unity Technologies

Entitled Enemies, the two-minute presentation revolves around a middle-aged woman. The developers paid attention to a new solution in the implementation of strands of hair, as well as photorealistic skin and eyes.

Last year, Unity acquired Ziva Dynamics and Weta Digital, which provided technology for The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

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Game Developers Conference 2022 attendees can view the demo at the Unity booth in the showroom and see it in action in the engine editor.

Unity has announced that many of the improvements and updates used to create Enemies will be released in the Digital Human 2 pack via “a month or two”. Also, the system for creating strands of hair will be available on GitHub at the same time.

The company added: “Most improvements in Unity, whether born from Enemies or used directly, are already included in Unity 2021.2 or will be released in 2022.1 or 2022.2.”.


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