Video The Vulture Queens combat style and abilities in the

Video: The Vulture Queen’s combat style and abilities in the new Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer

Publisher and developer Blizzard Entertainment revealed Gameplay trailer and skill list The Vulture Queens are a new character in the free-to-play team shooter Overwatch 2.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The Vulture Queen joins the hero roster in Overwatch 2 as a new tank. The heroine is armed with a low-dispersion pump-action shotgun, a Gracie throwing knife, and a large Carnage axe.

According to the developers, the Vulture Queen has no equal in space conquest on the battlefield, is incredibly dangerous at close range, and can be summoned “virtually invincible berserker tank”.

The Vulture Queen’s abilities revealed in the trailer:

  • Adrenaline Rush (Passive) – Heals the Queen of all damage from wounds over time.
  • “Carnage” – a blow with an ax with a wide swing, wounding all enemies in front of them, damaging them over time and activating the “Adrenaline Rush”;
  • Jagged Blade is an alternate fire mode. The Queen throws a knife that damages the target over time on a direct hit;
  • Rallying Cry – increases the health and movement speed of both the queen herself and nearby allies;
  • Rampage is a superpower. The Queen charges forward, inflicting severe wounds on enemies and preventing them from regenerating their health.

The Vulture Queen will be part of the next phase of the Overwatch 2 closed beta, which runs from June 28th to July 18th on PC (, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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