Video The trailer for the city building simulator Highrise City

Video: The trailer for the city building simulator Highrise City to celebrate its upcoming release in Steam Early Access

Developer Fourexo Entertainment and publisher Deck13 have revealed a trailer for Highrise City, a city-builder sim coming soon to Steam Early Access.

Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The video shown shows all the main types of buildings in the city: factories, various industries, low-rise residential buildings and skyscrapers. The project is promised 50 resource types, 250 building types, five population classes and more.

Highrise City is not your typical city builder. The main focus here is on building production chains. The expansion of various economic sectors and resource control are extremely important to the future mayor.

Highrise City was built over the course of eight years, seven of them in the hands of one person. Steam Early Access Simulator will fall March 24th.


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