Video The PC version of God of War was launched

Video: The PC version of God of War was launched in “Potato” mode

Portal GameSpot showed what the PC version of the adventure action God of War (2018) will look like in the so-called “Potato Mode” in a new video on its secondary YouTube channel.

Image source: GameSpot

Image source: GameSpot

Remember that the “Potato” mode consists in reducing the graphics of the selected game to levels not provided by the developers. Usually with third-party tools (e.g. NVIDIA Profile Inspector).

As a result of the manipulations performed by journalists, the characters of God of War lost their pupils, but took on the effect of plastic dolls, and the objects and the overall landscape clearly lacked detail.

The released video lasts 22 minutes and shows the beginning of the passage of God of War. It is noteworthy that the interface also suffered from the “Potato” mode – the health scale of the first boss does not reflect the damage dealt to him.

The PC version of God of War debuted on January 14th on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The port received high marks from profile critics – among other things, for high-quality graphics and the absence of bugs that spoil the enjoyment of the project.


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