Video: the modder turned Age of Empires II into a Doom with a third-person view

A user under the pseudonym HELLKNIGHT61 has released a modification Age of Doom (DOOM v 1.0) for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, which turns isometric strategy into Doom with a third-person view. Four out of five episodes are already ready.

Image source: ModDB

Image source: ModDB

Although the author calls the modification “A remake of the original Doom on the Age of Empires II engine”, it contains references to other parts of the series. Users fight familiar monsters, controlling Doomgay from a third person. The modder brought some game mechanics into the strategy: for example, the ability to sprint, press switches, call elevators and move using teleports. Several weapons from Doom are available to the hero, including the double-barreled shotgun, the BFG, and the Soul Cube artifact from Doom 3. The author also added a tutorial script for beginners.

Especially for the mod, HELLKNIGHT61 came up with a unique story. One way or another, the plot brings to mind different parts of Doom: for example, the main villain is named Betruger – just like the antagonist of Doom 3.

At the moment, Age of Doom includes four episodes. The first talks about how demons destroyed the ancient civilization of people on Mars, the second – about the invasion of monsters on the bases of the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC), the third – about the events on Phobos, and the fourth – about the battles on Deimos. According to the developer, the third scenario is designed in the style of John Romero – there is a lot of action in it. The fourth is similar in spirit to the decisions of Sandy Petersen, the level designer of Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth, who also worked on the Age of Empires series: there are fewer enemies and dynamics, but a lot of new gameplay features appear. The final episode has yet to be released.

“I create scripts for Age of Empires II, and I have long wanted to make a campaign in the game engine dedicated to Doom, – admitted HELLKNIGHT61. – I dreamed of transferring the original Doom into strategy. This idea has already succeeded me almost completely – only the final episode in Hell is missing. The campaign uses a lot of sound effects and sprites (including the Doomgay sprite) from the old Doom. “

When creating the modification, the enthusiast used the Vampire Revenge mod from Gallas. User Guyza helped to transfer enemies, their attack animations and Doom sprite from Doom. Age of Doom is compatible with both basic Age of Empires II and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Download Age of doom can be from the official page on ModDB

In June, another fan revealed what DOOM Eternal could have looked like on the first installment engine.

In August, id Software announced that the Horde Mode update for DOOM Eternal would be available in the fall, and Romero announced the development of a sequel to his SIGIL mod for Doom 2: Hell on Earth. Meanwhile, Relic Entertainment recently revealed the system requirements for Age of Empires IV, which will release on October 28th.

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