Video: the journey and arrival of young Holmes on an exotic island in the introduction of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Frogwares via the portal IGN has unveiled the opening cutscene for its detective adventure Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, due out next month.

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Recall that the events of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One unfold on “Dangerous exotic island”, where 21-year-old Sherlock Holmes, together with the mysterious Jonathan, arrives to investigate the death of his mother.

The unveiled video is just under three minutes long and shows the journey (a scene of dialogue between the characters on board the ship) and the arrival of a young detective at the scene of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

Among other things, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One promises an open world with non-linear side missions (investigations) and secrets, multiple endings and a 15-hour main storyline.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will go on sale November 16 this year for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. On PS4 and Xbox One the game will appear later – these versions required more attention.

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